Kanat's Works
Since 1988, when I was only a highschool student, I planned and traveled many countries of this world. Usually I am living and working in Tokyo, actually it's only a part of Tokyo, but once I am going out Tokyo, I find some strange feeling in myself.
I talked with many people and I saw many trees and waters. I thought and imagined what the earth consists from. I learned the way goes everything in our world.
Everydays of the journeys, I wrote diary, took photographs and also filmed by video cameras. I know it's not special things for travelers and there are many travelers in the world, but this time I would like to show my works on the way of my trips, to keep the meaning I write, take, film and spend the days.
If you feel something about my works, please write to Kanato OCHIAI.

Japan, 1987
United States, 1988
Silkroad China, 1990
Tibet, 1990
Going through Kathmandu to Istanbul, 1990
Vietnam and Laos, 1992
Xian, China 1994
Indonesia, 1994
Kowloon, Canton and Macau, 1996

(c) Kanato OCHIAI 1996. All rights reserved.