One night in my trip to Aizu in 1987, I met a old man and he told me I should go out Japan and have adventurous trip in foreign country. It's easy to travel domestic for elder people, but it's not easy to go out Japan, he said also.
I never forget his words and I decided to go to United States in my summer holidays 1988.
Arrived at Los Angels Airport in July 16, 1988, I found there's many culture in our world. At first I went Grand Canyon, and went through Chicago by Grayhound, then went Detroit, Toront, Nigagara Falls, New York City and Boston. I also went Orland by airplane, then went back to Denver, Saltlake City, Reno, Yosemite, San Diego and Los Angeles.
It was my first long trip for a month.

United States
Grand Canyon (57kb)
Colorado River flows bottom of the Canyon (50kb)
Niagara Falls and me (47kb)
City of Buffalo, NY (38kb)
View from Blooklyn Heights, New York City (43kb)
Wonderland, the end of subway, Boston (30kb)
Gas station, somewhere of Nevada (41kb)
Reno, morning (24kb)
Yosemite Vally (43kb)
Vernal Fall, Yosemite (45kb)
Halfdome, I made it to the top, Yosemite (56kb)