Here's Flag of Tibet
My secondary homeland, Tibet is now occupied by Chinese Beijing Government since 1955. As you know it, they have their own religious culture, and they also had their own army, postal system and government before 1955. Now their leader, Darai Lama and government exiled to Dharamsara, India, and asking us for help.
In Tibet, ofcourse thousands of Tibetans living and also they are always threatend by Chinese army and public security police. Over hundreds Chinese are moving to Tibet from Chinese cities every month. Now Tibetan culture including their own language forced to destroyed day by day.
At first please make you know what's going on in Tibet now. I need your help because I love Tibetan land, nature and the people.

Aid to Tibet Emergency Appeal from Tibet Foundation, London

February 27th 1996, London

Been feeling a bit chilly recently?
When will it get warmer?
What is happening to our weather?

Snow fall, cars stranded, schools shutting, pipes bursting.....

Imagine what things must be like in nomadic TIBET, at altitudes of over
14,000 feet above sea level!

This morning Tibet Foundation has received urgent appeals from Tibet.
Unexpectedly heavy snow falls and freak, freezing weather conditions, have
brought devastation to two nomadic areas in east and north-east Tibet: the
Zachuka area of Kham, and Yushu region of neighbouring Amdo.

The most severe and sustained blizzards in one hundred years have arrived
6 weeks earlier than the normal snowfall is due, temperatures have dropped
as low as minus 45o C.

This disaster has affected an area inhabited by 200,000 Tibetan nomads.

In Kham and Amdo;

-  over 500,000 head of livestock have perished,
-  there have been 28,000 cases of snowblindness or frostbite,
-  17,000  herdsmen are trapped in remote areas
-  42 persons have been reported dead.

More casualties are expected as the bad weather continues

In regions with few facilities to cope with such abnormal conditions, and
where peoples' traditional lifestyle of cattle herding has been destroyed,
immediate emergency support is needed.
(チベット・ファウンデーション会員 浅田英克氏による和文抄訳)
Please get interest about Tibet, and think about how the people in Tibet facing cold under clear sky. Also please refer some other pages relating if you would like it ! Thank you for your participate.