After I walked down from Himarayan mountains, I went toward to Istanbul like going zig-zag road.
I saw Taj Mahar, one of the most beautiful architecture in the world, shining under the moon, I climbed the Mt.Suphan, second highest mountain in Turkey, with Kurdistan nomads.
Finally, I made it, I travelled from Shanghai, one of the most eastern city in Asia, to Istanbul, the border city of Asia and Europe, without any flights !

Quetta, Pakistan
A boy at work (42kb)
Sheepheld in the city (58kb)
Desert between Pakistan and Iran
Rabbit selling boy (38kb)
A Sheepheld eating watermelon (56kb)
Esfahan, Iran
Bridge inside Esfahan city (44kb)
Sinop, Turkey
Ruin of Sinop Castle (46kb)
Rhodes, Greece
Three windmils of Rhodes port (46kb)
Old church above butterfly vally (54kb)
Wedding just held (46kb)
Rescue boat of Greek ferry (54kb)
Bosphoras Channel, terminus of my journey (38kb)
Fisherman selling sandwichs (70kb)
Moscow, USSR (58kb)