Recently I often go to Hong Kong and Gundong province of China for transit to other countries and cities. But I never visit them for sightseeing. So this time I decided that I would go for sightseeing with my loving family, Neko and Koneko.
Coming July 1997, Hong Kong returns to China and also Macau in 1999. Everything facing the delta must be incredibly change and I'm afraid that many traditional customs and artificials are destroyed.
In Shamen, a part of Gunangzhou city of China, there are old architectures build in over hundred years ago with awful memories for Chinese government in Beijing. And in Tiu Keung Leng in Kowloon, another name is Renny's Mill, once many resistance against communist party in China were settled, but Hong Kong government is now forcing them to move for build new town buildings. Macau still has old city, but we cannot know whether the government let it be or not.
This time I took the photographs by cheep digital camera. I am sorry for showing poor quolity images.

Ruina do Sao Paulo, Ruin of St. Paul Church burned 1835
Maria of Fortaleza do Monte, Fort Monte
Sight from Taipa Island
Royal HK Water Police House, Tsim Sha Tsui
Double Decker Terminal
Old woman in Tram
Tiu Keung Leng, Renny's Mill
Chin Ping Market, afternoon
Canton enegy's going home
Chen's House