It was my first visit to China. I board the ship "Ghanzing" from Yokohama to Shanghai as a member of Silkroad Expedition, 1990.
Taking almost a week, we arrived at Dunhuang, one of the oldest city along the Silkroad. Then we left the city with hundred of camels toward ancient castle town, Ro-ran.
When we were in the desert, something happend in Kashgar, the most western city in China and also capital of Uygur people. At first I planned to go Pakistan through Khunjurab pass from Kashgar, but Chinese government let foreign travellers not to go Kashgar.
I finally got to Kashgar by donkey-car taking two weeks from Urumqi and waiting my chance to go to Khunjurab pass for three weeks, but the pass going to Pakistan had never open for traveller that year. So I gave up and turned back to Dunhuang...
That was my Chinese days.

Caravan between Dunhuan to Ruochan
Camel caravan goes old silkroad (38kb)
Camel master and hundred of camels (60kb)
I found the weight of sheeps life (64kb)
A rest on the road of camel caravan (40kb)
Old track stopping in some trouble (52kb)
A descendant of old Lo Ran ruins (46kb)
Ruochan, Xinchan Uygur Autonomas Region
Mixed parentage children (58kb)
Aksu and Kashgar, Eastern Turkistan
A old Uygur man in Sunday Market (58kb)
Shrewd Uygur boys (58kb)
Green eyed Uygur girl (60kb)
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